Promoting participatory, effective, accountable, pro-poor local governance

Hosted by Isandla Institute, the Good Governance Learning Network enables knowledge sharing, knowledge production, and collective influence for non-profit organisations concerned about local democracy and development.

Our vision

The GGLN’s vision is to create a strong civil society network that harnesses and builds the collective expertise and energy of its members to contribute meaningfully to building and sustaining a system of participatory and developmental local government in South Africa.

State of Local Governance

Since 2008, the Good Governance Learning Network has produced regular commentaries on the state of local governance in South Africa in the form of its annual State of Local Governance Publication.


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About Us

Sharing the common goal of promoting participatory, effective, accountable and pro-poor local governance, the network strives to provide an interface for civil society organisations to network and share information towards strengthening local democracy in South Africa.