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Ikhayalami: project updates

Ikhayalami provides an update on progress with its current projects: Empowershack, the participative digital planning tool and AT Section re-blocking. Its work will also be showcased at an exhibition at the headquarters of the Inter American Development Bank. The exhibition is set to travel to five countries in South America before potentially travelling to Africa and Asia.


Ikhayalami have started phase 1.3 and 1.4 comprising 20 double story houses. Phase 1.3 comprising 7 units is at first floor level awaiting concrete slabs to be poured. Phase 1.4 comprised of 13 units is nearing first floor level. Currently 85 - 90% of the workforce on site is sourced from the local community. 

A legal firm that specialises in estate law has offered their services pro bono to Ikhayalami to assist in finding a workable and scalable tenure solution. As things stand, title deed and tenure options are not possible within the current paradigm. Ikhayalami have built 2 to 3 dwellings on one plot as per City and National policy. It now needs to come up with a solution so that each home owner can have security of tenure without being compromised. They also need to find a way in which their scheme can dovetail into policy and the subsidy quantum. They are certain that they can find a solution. 

Please visit their Facebook page @Ikhayalami for a showcase on the Empowershack produced by Beautiful News

Participative digital planning tool

The digital planning tool has advanced. Ikhayalami have a suitable layout based on community design iterations and refined by their technical design team. They are anticipating that other NGO’s will be interested in the tool. Should any NGO want to discuss the digital tool for a specific re-blocking, PHP housing development or the like, Ikhayalami is happy to meet with them to work on repositioning the tool to suite their needs. 

AT Section re-blocking

As indicated, Ikhayalami have developed a design based on community input for the AT Section informal settlement in Site C. They have been trying to engage the City of Cape Town's Informal Settlements Department about the re-blocking project since February when the digital tool concept was presented to them. Unfortunately the City has not yet come to the table. They could not wait any longer, as due to funding commitments, re-blocking had to commence. It is a great pity that re-blocking has started without any commitment from the City.This transgresses the City’s policy of supporting re-blocking projects. Ikhayalami remains committed to doing what they can to engage the City going forward. They have so far rebuilt and reconfigured 13 of the 116 households at AT Section. 

Written by: Andy Bolnick

Photo: Ikhayalami



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