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Op-ed: How we can reclaim legacy of freedom

The Democracy Development Program's Programmes Director, Paul Kariuki writes for City Press via News24 on the state and importance of civic education in South Africa.

Kariuki argues that "While the government has taken significant steps towards addressing education inequities facing the country after decades of oppression under apartheid, there is still more work to be done.

Many of our citizens fail to thrive and are stuck in cycles of generational deprivation, socially and economically.

Is the lack of civic education by default or by design?

In South Africa, education reform has become a focal point for the endeavour of enhancing citizens’ capacity to engage in public life confidently, as well as holding their leaders accountable.

However, our education system excludes civic education in its curriculum and this could be one of the contributing factors towards apathy in society.

Reinforcing civic responsibility among citizens requires much more than political dialogues.

The absence of civic education in schools and tertiary institutions has left ordinary citizens with scant knowledge of active citizenship and its role in enhancing democracy."

Click here to access the full article, as sourced from City Press on 30 May 2018. 


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