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State of local governance update session held

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Launch of the State of Local Governance Publication

The Launch of the network publication, ‘The State of Local Governance’ is a network event open to the public, and provides author organisations the opportunity to present and talk to their chapter submissions. 

Managers Forum

The GGLN Managers Forum has been run since 2011, and provides a regular meeting space for the leadership of GGLN member organisations. Structured as a two day retreat, it facilitates strategic reflection, networking and peer learning. The upcoming forum is expected to be held in late 2017.

General Members Meeting: 2nd/3rd March 2017

2017’s first Members Meeting took place on the 2nd/3rd of March 2017, and comprised of a two day seminar which aimed at deepening the theme of the 2017 SoLG publication as well as facilitate strategic discussions about the next phase of the network. The second day explored the various types of information, technological and collaborative methodologies, and platforms that could be utilised to increase the reach and efficacy of the network, as well as deepen the learning and engagement between member organisations.


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Sharing the common goal of promoting participatory, effective, accountable and pro-poor local governance, the network strives to provide an interface for civil society organisations to network and share information towards strengthening local democracy in South Africa.